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Day 3 Resources

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Reviewing and finishing 



     creating forms

     sharing documents



     review of how to post




  • Thursday Morning Challenge
    • Use all your resources-including peers, but not Connie...(unless you near violence on the computer)
    • This activity will use the applications we worked on the past 2 days
    • The instructions for the challenge are in a shared google doc-here
    • When you have completed the challenge, please write your name on the back whiteboard



  • Sharing your thoughts:

               Using this link, please log in (your usual username and the password that will be provided). .  

               Please use the information from NETS*S and NETS*T as well as from the Blended Learning Survey

               to respond to the following questions:  (You are using a blogging site called kidblog that allows

               creation of a private blogging area for only those you add to the group-we will set up a kidblog

               for those who wish to have one)


                    How can you use the NETS*S elements to help you reach the next level on the Blended Learning Survey?  

                    How will your classroom learning be different when you do that? 

                    What activities and technology use can you implement in your classroom? Pick a subject and list some

                    ideas you have to use tech tools in that area.



The afternoon session will be mostly time to work on things for your classroom using the tools we looked at or others that you want help using


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