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Day 1 Resources

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During this introductory session, we will be gathering information, sharing articles and discussing what the sessions will look like as we continue.  The links will be discussed as we progress through the agenda.



               Please complete this form and submit



               When you click on the link a new page will open,  Look for this on the page: 


               You will need to create a login to the Loti Lounge

               Group ID and password are both pennsylvania

               Follow the on-screen directions to complete the login


               Once you have created your login PLEASE RECORD YOUR LOGIN/PASSWORD for future use

               THEN-click on Take the LoTi Digital-age Survey and complete the questions

               When completed, you may review your results.  We will look more closely at them later. 

               Log out when finished.




               This is a private micro-blogging tool similar to twitter which we will use throughout the sessions

               When you have created your login, please record your username and password for future use.

               Leave the site open as we will use it with the next activity



  • Article (this will be a handout)

               As you read, or after you read, please add some comments to the Shout'em and reply to other's comments.  

               We will use the shouts in a follow-up discussion



  • NETS*S - National Educational Technology Standards for Students-renewed in 2007
  • NETS*T - National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers- renewed in 2008



               Review of the results of the Blended learning survey taken earlier in the day

                         (remember-you recorded your username and pw)

               You can get definitions of the various levels at the LoTi Lounge




  • Your Turn:

               Using this link, please log in (your usual username and the password that will be provided). .  

               Please use the information from NETS*S and NETS*T as well as from the Blended Learning Survey

               to respond to the following questions:


                    How can you use the NETS*S elements to help you reach the next level on the Blended Learning Survey?  

                    How will your classroom learning be different when you do that? 



               Your answers will help to plan the learning for the sessions


  • Preparation for Day 2

               Creation of a classroom gmail account for use with some of the tools





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